Juice Plus Scam – What’s The Truth?

Juice Plus Scam
There’s probably a good chance you’re here because you searched for the term “juice plus scam” and found this article. So I’m guessing you are looking to either join up as a distributor or become a customer?

Either way you have some reservations about this company and want to know more information about them.

We’ll hopefully this article will be of some help to you, it includes a short summary of my own research into the matter of whether they are a scam or the real deal. Here we go…

Juice Plus History

NSA was founded in 1970 and was previously known to deal with products such as air filters, water filters, fire-protection equipment and pre-schoolers educational games that was also solely distributed via multi-level marketing. Juice Plus concept as well as nutritional philosophy was developed by Humbart Santillo who also created the original product formula as well as other products.

Juice Plus is a line of branded dietary supplements that contain concentrated fruit as well as vegetable juice extracts that have been fortified with additional nutrients and vitamins. It is manufactured by NSI, Natural Alternatives International located in San Marcos, California for NSA, National Safety Associates located in Collierville, Tennessee. Juice Plus was the first product of NSA and was introduced in 1993 and today NSA distributes the supplements through multi-level marketing.

Juice Plus Products

Juice Plus Scam
Juice Plus – Orchard & Garden Blend provides added whole food based nutrition from seventeen vegetables, fruits & grains in a capsule form. The ingredients are carefully chosen to give you a wide range of healthy benefits. Juice Plus is made from high quality vegetables & fruits and is tested to make sure that no contaminants affect the products natural purity.

Juice Plus Scam
Juice Plus – Orchard & Garden Blend chewables provides added whole food based nutrition from seventeen different vegetables, fruits & grains in a soft, tasty and chewable form. It has a lovely taste which comes from two natural sweeteners, organic and tapioca cane syrup. It contains no artificial flavors or colors.

Juice Plus Scam
Just as Juice Plus provides extra nutrition from grapes (concord) and a great variety of berries – including raspberries, blueberries, and many more – they provide some of nature’s most rich and powerful antioxidants, in a very handy capsule form.

Juice Plus Scam
Juice Plus Vineyard Blend provides added whole food based nutrition from healthy grapes and berries in a soft, tasty and chewable tablet form. Just like the Juice Plus Orchard & Garden Chewables, their lovely taste comes from two natural sweeteners, organic & tapioca cane syrup. It contains no artificial flavors or colors.

Juice Plus Scam
Juice Plus complete Whole food beverage combination that gives balanced nutrition in every serving. It can be used in a number of different ways, such as a healthy breakfast, exercise energy drink, or recovery drink after exercise.

Business Opportunity

NSA as an independent distributor provides a good business opportunity for marketing its various Juice Plus products using the “Virtual Franchise” Model. This is a unique business model that combines the best aspects of network marketing, traditional Franchise marketing, direct sales as well as consumer goods marketing.


Attraction Marketing System + Juice Plus Opportunity = Success

Distributors are rewarded for their dedication and commitment to Juice Plus products with a lucrative and flexible compensation plan. The compensation plan pays an individual by giving them commission on retail sales and by advancement levels by developing your team of distributors. Basically, you earn money depending on the sales volume you have generated together with your team.

Juice Plus – Success Blueprint

The key to being a successful distributor with Juice Plus is to connect with your target market and offer them value on a daily basis. In order to best do this would be to lead with a funded proposal.

The funded proposal (or attraction marketing system) will bring real leverage to your business by automating the lead generation process, while generating cash flow and new reps for your Juice Plus opportunity.



juice plus scam


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