Melaleuca Scam – Find Out The Truth Here

Melaleuca Scam
There’s a good chance you’ve found this article because you are wanting to know if the Melaleuca scam claims are true? It certainly pays to be cautious when deciding what network marketing company to join up with.

Most people don’t bother doing this and can find themselves tied up in a mess later down the track. I see tons of people searching for the phrase “Melaleuca Scam” and wanted to clear this up in this article to give you some peace of mind.

So are the Melaleuca Scam claims true?

While no network marketing company is perfect or without issues, the Melaleuca scam claims are certainly not true. I’m sure there will be the odd dissatisfied customer or distributor but on the whole, Melaleuca has stood the test of time, and has proven itself to be a reputable and trust worthy company.

Melaleuca – Products | Environment | Preferred Customer

Melaleuca sources product ingredients from sustainable natural resources whenever possible, they are not only concerned about the environment but have been actively doing something about it since 1985. As a preferred customer you become part of a company that values its environmental responsibility.

To become a preferred customer of Melaleuca, you need to order at least thirty five product points every month. By doing this, you are going to get a discount of thirty to forty percent in addition to getting a chance to earn Loyalty Shopping Dollars.

Melaleuca – 100% customer satisfaction

What makes Melaleuca stand out from other companies is the fact that they take customer satisfaction very seriously. Melaleuca is so confident about the quality of their products that if you are not happy with any product that you have purchased, you can return it within two months and receive a full refund. This is going to give you a peace of mind that you can select products without worrying about anything.

Melaleuca – Recognition

Operating in the market for the last twenty five years, Melaleuca has gone from strength to strength, changing lives of so many people. There is not much of a surprise that this company has won plenty of awards during this time.

It includes Better Business Bureau Torch award, Blue Chip Enterprise award from the US Chamber of Commerce, Innovative Company of the year award from the Stoel Rives Idaho Innovation, Mayor’s Energy Efficiency award, Hong Kong award for environmental excellence, Healthy Workplace Award from the American Psychological Association, Gold award from the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Education for Life award from the Direct Selling Association.

Melaleuca – Business Opportunity

Simply put, Melaleuca is on a mission helping out stay at home moms, business professionals and individuals that are working overtime to get rid of their debts. With Melaleuca, you get the opportunity to build a profitable business and secure you’re financial freedom.


Attraction Marketing System + Melaleuca Opportunity = Success

Unfortunately Melaleuca success is not guaranteed, it depends on your ability to generate traffic and leads on a daily basis for your business. This is where the majority of Melaleuca distributors get stuck; they just can’t get there opportunity in front of enough prospects.

Melaleuca Success Blueprint

If you’re not targeting your ideal prospects on the internet then you stand little chance of building a sustainable business. There are two important factors that you must concentrate on if you wish to be successful online and that is targeted traffic and leads.

Without these (and lots of them) your business will go nowhere fast. There are many ways you can generate traffic with the most common being article marketing or paid advertising. You can even generate free traffic through facebook by simply connecting with your prospects there.

You also need to be able to leverage your marketing efforts, this is where an automated attraction marketing system comes in to help. The reality is that you need to be able capture your leads, provide them with helpful information, and lead them to your network marketing opportunity all on auto-pilot.

This proven system is the secret to putting this all together. So if you’re determined to be a successful Melaleuca distributor, then put the odds in your favour by using the same system the top 6-figure network marketer’s use for achieving their success.



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    Melaleuca is a GREAT COMPANY look at my website and see for yourself !!!!!!

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    Thanks for an excellent blog. I appreciate the knowledge.

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    For anybody who wants to know about Melaleuca, or has any doubts about this company. Please e-mail me at I can answer any questions that you may have about starting your own business.

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