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NeriumNerium International is an MLM company that was started in September 2011 by Jeff Olson.

The company is located in Addison, Texas and offers a line of anti-aging skin care products manufactured using Nerium oleander extract.

The company entered into partnership with Nerium Skincare Inc. (Nerium Biotechnology’s subsidiary) and started the exclusive licensing partnership having the major goal of putting up a global business. The company has an expansion plan globally in 31 countries.

Nerium International consists of a large team of experienced as well as proven founders, executives plus Home Office Support individuals who are zealous about empowering their brand partners to be successful.

The team of Nerium has more than 150 years of combined expertise in relationship marketing industry. The company is committed to providing its brand partners with effective marketing systems, exciting recognition programs, lucrative compensation, top-quality training as well as leadership development content.

Nerium – Products

NeriumNerium International at the moment markets a single product called NeriumAD. It is an anti-aging cream usually applied at night and was developed from Nerium Oleander plant.

The results that people are getting from using the product include reduced hyperpigmentation, reduced wrinkles and fine lines and improved appearance of sun damaged skin or uneven skin texture.

The company also offers to all its retail clients a 30 day money back guarantee satisfaction on their products.

Nerium – Business Opportunity

Nerium International provides people with an opportunity to start their own business with a relatively low investment. Whether you are a person interested in only earning part time income or a serious network marketer interested in making a full time residual income, the business model suits both parties.


Attraction Marketing System + Nerium Opportunity = Success

A person can be able to be part of the company by purchasing a Brand Partner Kit at a price of about $100. Any person who is ready to join the business opportunity has an option of two success packages which cost $499 and $999. The more money that one invests initially, the more products as well as business building tools and materials they get.

Nerium International offers a lucrative time tested compensation plan to its distributors which pays 8% up to ten levels and the commission usually increases depending on the distributor’s rank. Similarly, a number of bonuses are also part of the compensation plan of the company including the 10% matching bonus and fast track bonus.

NeriumDistributors are also able to receive great rewards like Lexus car bonus as well as other trips. In addition, a distributor who stays active is able to qualify for the promoter’s bonus and this is usually a share obtained from the 2% sales of the company globally for life.

Nerium International pays on a 3 by 3 matrix and enables one to make money in several ways. The company representatives are expected to stay active by being able to maintain a particular level of product and sales.

By doing this one can be able to earn cash of fast start bonuses, retail sales as well as weekly bonus program.

The company also employs effective coaching and mentorship systems to make sure that every Nerium International member is able to increase their opportunity and takes advantage of the company’s compensation plan in order to be able to earn money from individual as well as collaborative efforts.

NeriumSome of the success tools that the company provides for one to be able to grow their business includes an internet based marketing system, product marketing website, CDs, success training videos and business launch kit containing success systems, promotional tools, training content and presentation materials.

Generally, Nerium International has a good leadership, effective anti-aging product and a profitable compensation plan.

All these provide one with a great potential to be able to make a reasonable amount of income with the company.

However, what will make a really great impact on one’s business is their ability to sponsor other distributors into their team in order to be able to benefit from additional residual income.

To be able to sponsor other people into your business, one will need to have effective marketing tactics, techniques and resources in order to generate several prospects, paying clients as well as new distributors.

Nerium – Success Blueprint >>>

NeriumAs with any network marketing business it requires hard work, dedication and a never give up attitude in order to become successful, and the Nerium opportunity is no different.

It is also important that you get good at generating leads on daily basis for your opportunity. Without these your business will struggle along and go nowhere fast.

Fortunately there is a proven attraction marketing system that network marketer’s can utilize for lead generation and sponsoring new reps for their business.

This system has changed the way network marketer’s build their businesses online today, and has been responsible for many success stories within this industry.



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