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PartylitePartylite is the leading direct seller of candle holders, candles and home accessories in the world.

The roots of the company can be traced back in early 1900′s when Mabel Baker discovered how to make candles using wild bayberries.

In early 1973, the company was looking for new expansion and extension ways in order to provide the venture with more success. Today, the company is under the management of Blyth, Inc., and its headquarters is in Plymouth, Mass.

Currently, Partylite operates in over eighteen countries and the company has over 70,000 distributors who are marketing the products worldwide.

The company has also been recognized in the media, both in magazine articles and news clips. In 2010, the annual sales of Partylite topped over $600 million and expected to keep on growing. The company is a member of Direct Selling Association.

Partylite – Products

Partylite has over 500 products and every product is exclusive to Partylite, formulated with environmental friendly ingredients using innovative technology and they have also been tested for performance and quality.

PartyliteSome of the popular products include:

• GloLite candles- available in shades and scents of Apple Blossom (pink), Honeydew (green), Orange Blossom (orange) and Unscented (ivory).
• Celestial light fragrances
• Home fragrances
• Candles
• Candles accessories
• Fragranced air care and décor
• Melts
• Fragrance warmers
• Gift Sets

Partylite is so confident about the quality of their products that they offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and will gladly replace any defective or damaged goods within 60 Days of the date of purchase.

Partylite – Business Opportunity

Partylite offers business opportunity to anyone irrespective of their experience or background. All that one need is the aspiration to make their life as well as that of their family better. Partylite markets their products via the network marketing business model.

To be involved with the business opportunity and establish your business, one does not incur any upfront cost. Alternatively, one may choose to begin with their diverse start up packages as well as meet the minimum requirement in order to earn commissions.


Attraction Marketing System + Partylite Opportunity = Success

After joining the company one can start building their business immediately. Partylite provides all the tools and training one needs to be comfortable to introduce others to the company.

When one is ready to host their own ‘Starter Show’, normally the sales obtained from the event will cater for their Starter Kit, that contains catalogues, selected samples of the whole product line as well as business building tools that will enable one to begin their business.

As a Consultant, one will have fun at the same time earn money by assisting others to enhance their homes ambience.

Consultants normally control their own schedule as well as how much they earn. Many of them usually work part time so as to make additional income, while others are working full time and have made it their career.

PartylitePartylite offers a number of compensation plans for one to choose from and one is not limited on how much they can earn.

There are also no geographic territories, therefore if one has contacts living across the country then they can share the opportunity and products with them, and if they decide to shift to another region, they can move with their Partylite business.

As a consultant, there are a number of ways one can earn money under the company’s compensation plan and these include:

• Retail sales profits
• Profits earned form home party shows
• Fast start bonus
• Leadership & Advancement Levels

The company emphasizes strongly on recruiting new distributors and product retailing and there are endless rewards. Other benefits of being a Partylite Consultant include a Hostess Programme funded by the company, no inventory to buy, no making deliveries, no experience needed and no caps on one’s earnings.

As one builds their business, they have opportunities also to receive other rewards. Such incentives include monthly recognition awards, product offers, business and cash rewards as well as luxury vacations. Consultants can also take advantage of the easy-to-use online tools and the broad local, personal training.

Partylite – Success Blueprint >>>

PartyliteAs with any network marketing business it requires hard work, dedication and a never give up attitude in order to become successful.

It is also important that you get good at generating leads on daily basis for your opportunity. Without these your business will struggle along and go nowhere fast.

Fortunately there is a proven attraction marketing system that network marketer’s can utilize for lead generation and sponsoring new reps for their business.

This system has changed the way network marketer’s build their businesses online today, and has been responsible for many success stories within this industry.



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