Usana Review – Success Blueprint Included >>>

Usana ReviewUSANA is a multilevel marketing company which deals with a variety of health and skin care products. The company was founded by Myron Wentz and it is based in Utah.

It is among the largest direct selling companies in the world with its products reaching various international markets including Canada, Australia, Netherlands, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore, Mexico, New Zealand, United Kingdom Malaysia, and the Philippines.

USANA Review – Products

USANA has three product lines;

• USANA Nutritionals – these include Essentials, Optimizers, and Detox nutritional supplements.

• USANA Diet & Energy – this group has RESET meal replacement shakes, protein bars, and Rev3 energy drinks.

• Sensé personal care – this group has skin care, skin treatment, and hair and body care products.

Usana ReviewRESET meal replacement shakes are one of the most popular products from USANA, it is a high fiber cleansing product that is designed to help the user lose weight by suppressing their cravings.

The product resets the user’s metabolism and stabilizes their blood sugar levels. The shakes are tasty and easy to prepare and can be combined with chopped up fresh fruit or fresh fruit juice.

The USANA’s HealthPak 100™ is also quite popular in the market, and is designed to provide the user with a balanced source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

USANA products can only be obtained from the distributors (also known as associates) or by ordering from the company itself via the internet but are not available in retail stores.

USANA Review – Business Opportunity

In the multilevel marketing business model used by USANA, distributors are encouraged to share the business opportunity with other people, and in return are rewarded with commissions from the products they sell and from the sales made by people within their team.


Attraction Marketing System + USANA Opportunity = Success

The company has over 220,000 independent distributors and more than 68,000 preferred customers. Preferred customers can purchase USANA products at wholesale prices from the company, but unlike associates they cannot resell the products to others.

The company uses a binary compensation plan for awarding commissionable points for sales made and when these sales reach a certain amount the associate is paid a nice bonus.

USANA Review – Scam Claims

Usana Review

Critics of USANA argue that majority of the people who are recruited as distributors do not make any profits as they expected when joining.

They also argue that majority of the new distributors do not even make enough to restock or even to cover the cost of the initial stock purchased.

These claims can be a cause of concern for people who are undecided about whether they should join USANA as an associate or not.

It should be noted however that like any other business, success takes a lot of time and effort, and the same applies when one becomes a USANA distributor.

USANA Review – Success Blueprint >>>

Usana Review

To be successful in this industry it is important to connect with as many people as possible on a daily basis.

It is also important to get good at generating leads, without a steady flow of leads your business will struggle to grow.

It is also becoming clear that pitching your opportunity online is not a very effective method of connecting with your target audience and often produces little results.

However more network marketer's are finding greater success using a proven attraction marketing system as their prospects first port of call instead.



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