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Xango ReviewXango is a private network marketing company located in Lehi, Utah.

Xango markets and also distributes a blended juice product called Xango juice consisting of mangosteen plus other juices, personal care, skin care, nutritional supplement and energy supplement products manufactured with botanical ingredients.

Xango was founded in 2002 by Gary Hollister, Joe Morton, Gordon Morton, Aaron Garrity, Bryan Davis and Kent Wood. The press releases from the company in 2005-2006 stated that in 2003 and 2004, its total sales were $40 million and $150 million respectively and in 2005, its sales were over two fold of those in 2004.

In October 2007, the cumulative sales for the company over a 5 year period were more than $1 billion and it had exceeded $1.5 billion by November 2008.

In November, the company had over 600 employees and over 500,000 independent distributors in fifteen international markets. In July 2007, the company had around 700,000 distributors, 70% of whom simply utilized their status to purchase the juice at discounted membership price.

In October 2008, the company operated in twenty four countries and had over one million independent distributors. Today, Xango operates in thirty six countries all over the world.

Xango Review – Products

Xango product lines include:

Xango Review• Xango® Juice Line- includes Xango Juice, XangoReserve and Xango Single.

• Favao- includes Favao Body Cleanse, Favao Fiber, Favao Protein, Favao metabolic and Favao Lifestyle Program.

• Favao Pro- includes Favao Limitless • Eleviv

• Xango 3SIXTY5 Line- Includes Xango 3SIXTY5 and Xango 3SIXTY5 Kids.

• Glimpse Skin Care Line- Includes Complete System, System II, System I, Gel Cleanser, Creamy Cleanser, Toner, Moisturizing Lotion, Moisturizing Cream, Serum, Glimpse Brighten Glimpse Repair and Mineral Treatment.

• Precis™ Line- Includes Precis™ Bone Helath, Precis™ Men’s Health and Precis™ Omega 3.

• Juni® Line- Includes Clarifying Shampoo, Nourishing Shampoo, Clarifying Conditioner, Hand & Body Wash, Hand & Body Lotion and Nourishing Conditioner.

• Xango Meal Pack

Xango – Business Opportunity

Xango offers a unique business opportunity for people who want to sign up as a distributor. Their compensation plan suits both people who only want to earn some additional income part time, or for the serious network marketer that wants to get involved on a full time basis.


Attraction Marketing System + Xango Opportunity = Success

There are eleven levels each of them with a specification to meet so as to qualify.

1. Representative – One has to make a purchase of 100.
2. Preferred Representative – One has a minimum automated delivery of 100 per month.
3. 1K- One must have 100 automated delivery program, 100 GV and three personally recruited customers or Preferred Representatives.
4. 5K- One has to have 100 ADP, 5000 GV and three IK recruited personally.
5. 20K – One must have 200 (ADP) automated delivery program, 20,000 GV and five personally recruited 5K.
6. Premier- One must have 50, 000 and two 20K as the minimum GV and one 5K individually sponsored representative.
7. 100K Premier Member- One must achieve 100,000 GV plus a three 20K as well as one 5K member recruited personally.
8. 200K Premier Member- One must have 200,000 GV in addition to one 20K plus three premiers.
9. 500K Premier – One must achieve a GV of 500,000 and one 200K plus two 100K as well as 2 Premiers.
10. Quantum Premier- is a top level and one must have 750,000 GV to qualify
11. X1 Premier is also a top level and one must have 1,000,000 GV to qualify.

The compensation plan of Xango has dynamic compression that seeks out distributors who are qualified until the entire 50% commission has been paid. This commission goes down the line up to nine levels.

Xango Review• To help in maximizing the earnings of distributors, Dynamic Compression in utilized in three different ways.

• PowerStart Commission payments which is paid weekly

• UniLevel Commission payments which is paid monthly

• Sponsorship Compression- this is for qualification purposes

Distributors can be able to earn money in four ways with the business opportunity:

1) Distributors can make a Retail Profit derived from sales to clients.

2) Distributors can earn PowerStart Commission weekly from new Distributors they sponsor personally who are trained and achieve their initial sale of up to 1000PV within a period of 30 days after signing-up. Also, PowerStart compress up to the following qualified distributor.

3) Distributors can receive a UniLevel Commission which is for extra sales made in their downline, depending on an eligible rank.

4) Premier Distributors and those above can receive a portion from the Global Bonus Pool. Bonus pool is given to members starting from the Premier level up to X1 Premier based on the members’ GV level. This is a bonus that is paid quarterly.

The 500K bonus Pool has a 2% commissionable volume from worldwide PowerStart orders. It is shared by qualified 500K, Quantum as well as X1 Premiers.

A distributor gets a title (highest rank achieved) in the compensation plan and the rank is retained. Normally, titles never get lost but are usually replaced with higher ones as one advance.

Xango Review – Success Blueprint >>>

Xango ReviewAs with any network marketing business it requires hard work, dedication and a never give up attitude in order to become successful, and the Xango opportunity is no different.

It is also important that you get good at generating leads on daily basis for your opportunity. Without these your business will struggle along and go nowhere fast.

Fortunately there is a proven attraction marketing system that network marketer’s can utilize for lead generation and sponsoring new reps for their business.

This system has changed the way network marketer’s build their businesses online today, and has been responsible for many success stories within this industry.



Tony Penman

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